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Online MEL Script Library


     Welcome to the NeoReel online MEL script library.

     This section of the website is dedicated to all the Maya users out there that wish to use or share simple or complex MEL scripts. The goal is to present, with a very simple interface, a way to install and use Maya Embedded Language (MEL) scripts.
     Keep in mind that this website is intended to be interactive, where users can post comments, share scripts and use awesome tools without need to code over and over again things that may have been done already.

     If you want to contribute/submit to this online MEL script library, please visit the Contribute section.
     If you may have any concerns or questions about the copyrights of scripts, please visit the Copyrights section.
     If you would like to contact NeoReel about this library, please visit our NeoReel Online Script Library Forum.

Access the library in 3 easy steps !

Step 1

     The NeoReel online MEL script library makes usage of a Maya plug-in (~42k), which gives you access to the library. So in order to get going, you must first download the library plug-in and place it in your Maya install "bin/plug-ins/" directory.
     Please click on the appropriate link below:

Maya 6.0 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 6.5 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 7.0 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 8.0 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 8.5 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 2008 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 2008 - Windows XP 64bit
Maya 2009 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 2009 - Windows XP 64bit
Maya 2010 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 2010 - Windows XP 64bit
Maya 2011 - Windows XP 32bit
Maya 2011 - Windows XP 64bit

     What this plug-in does, is connecting to the library, manages the loading/unloading of scripts and save offline copies of the scripts.

Step 2

     Then, load the neoreelLibrary.mll plug-in in the Maya Plugin Manager.

     (You may have to click the Refresh button to see the plug-in or Browse for it to a specific location.)

Step 3

     When loading for the first time, a configuration window will be displayed. Simply expand a category and check any checkboxes to load the wanted scripts or click the Specifications to learn about what it does. You will require internet access to load any scripts for the first time or to gain access to newer versions.

Note:      You can invoke the configuration window either by selecting the configuration item in the NeoReel toolbox or by typing "neoreelLibrary -config" in the Script Editor.

NeoReel © 2009