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Online MEL Script Library Contribution

     At NeoReel, we believe that poeple who wants to contribute to this library are equally interested to those who wish to make usage of it. In order to give everyone satisfaction and supply them with good quality scripts, anyone who wishes to contribute to this script library will have to respect a general set of rules.
     Before a script can be broadcasted to all, it will need to go through several stages to determine its scope, its usage and its potential conflict with other scripts. Following are the basic rules that all scripts will need to comply with:

- Any Maya functions or UI objects that will be overridden by the script will need to be clearly specified.
- The script will need to be non-destructive of the Maya interface.
- The script will need to run as-is without secondary downloads (few exceptions will be made).
- The script will need to be fully unloadable.
- The script will need to specify its compatible Maya versions.
- The script will need to be multi platform compatible unless otherwise specified.
- Absolutely no system calls will be tolerated.
- No secondary plug-ins will be tolerated.
- All global functions and variables will need to have unique names.

     Once a script is approved, the script might be slightly modified to suit our working environment and it will be posted to the community as follows:

- The script will be posted free of charges.
- The script will be 128 bits encrypted on demand.
- If not encrypted, the script source will never be given to users.
- The script will get its own menu item and option box in the NeoReel toolbar (if required).
- The script will get its own section on the library configuration page.
- Proper credits will be posted in the Specifications section of the script.
- Usage, comments and downloads will be posted in the Specifications section of the script.
- NeoReel will do everything in its power to keep the scripts secured.
- A rating system will be implemented as needed.

     Following are example scripts that can be used as templates for any other scripts, (but is not limited to such structure). Get the example script by downloading both the nrExample.mel and unload_nrExample.mel. Once your scripts are ready, you can send them via email to scripts[at]NeoReel[dot]com. A discussion will then be initiated in order to validate the addition of the script to the library.
     Thank you for your interest! Together, we can build the best online script library, which will prevent you from coding over and over already existing tools.
     If you may have any concerns or questions about the copyrights of scripts, please visit the Copyrights section.
     If you would like to contact NeoReel about this library, please visit our NeoReel Online Script Library Forum.

NeoReel 2018