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Online MEL Script Library Copyrights

     NeoReel is not responsible of the scripts that are posted in this online library, but it will make sure that scripts are secure and not dangerous to run.
     The scripts will be kept safe and encrypted on demand, but there is always a chance, (like and any other online product), that hackers get access to the source code.
     NeoReel will not pretend to own the scripts and will give proper credits to the script creators. Anything that will happen with the scripts is the responsability of its owner. If complaints are logged on a particular script, NeoReel will take the proper action in order to keep its library clean and dispute free.

     If you want to contribute to this online MEL script library, please visit the Contribute section.
     If you would like to contact NeoReel about this library, please visit our NeoReel Online Script Library Forum.

     Access to this library is logged. Users commiting abusive usage of scripts, plug-ins, forum or files will see their IP blocked from further access to the site.

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