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October 7, 2003
Film to come : Scoobydoo 2

    Have a look at the official Scoobydoo 2 website, a production of Warner Brothers, on which we have been involved.

September 19, 2003
Motion captured animations

    Go watch animations done by Realities for Hypnotix at this address, under the Production Movies section.

September 8 2003
A new client : Meteor Studios

    We are now working closely with Meteor Studios.
    We are helping to implement their character setups for a Warner Brothers feature film that will be out shortly.

August 20 2003
A new client : Hypnotix

    Realities is proud to announce that Hypnotix is now listed within Realities satisfied client list.
    We are dealing with motion capture edition, for the game "Outlaw - Volleyball" and several others.

August 18 2003
Don't forget to get your MEL Fundamental book

    Alias has published a new series of learning books at Siggraph 2003.
    Realities has updated the book MEL Fundamental, so that you can learn and use the maximum capabilities of MEL.
    Visit Alias store right now.

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