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August 3 2003
We now have a discussion board!

    Realities now have a web-based forum where you can post questions, critics and comments about pretty much everything.
    This forum is especially used to stimulate the Realities community and have a direct contact from the crew to the clients and friends.
    Feel free to stop by and drop a line by clicking here.

July 25 2003
Rebate on Buzof for Siggraph 2003

    Realities and Basta Computing offers you a 20% rebate on the Buzof utility, a "Pop-Up Killer" simplifying your life under Windows.
    This offer ending september 15 2003.

July 21 2003
Realities presents "Layout Generator v1.0" at Siggraph

    Layout Generator is a software based on Maya 5.0 from Alias that can simplify your life.  The production software, will be on the shelves very soon.
    If you are interested, contact-us and we will be glad to inform you on its specs and its selling date.

July 10 2003
Nstor present Realities reel at Siggraph

    nStor Corporation, is an innovative developer of storage-network based technology and solutions. They will be presenting top of the lines demos at their Siggraph booth in San Diego.
    Be sure to stop by!

June 10 2003
Kaydara Press Release

    There is an article talking about Marc-André Guindon and Chris Macivor on the Kaydara web site.
    It is talking about the La La La Human Step gig and our implication into the production pipeline.

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