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June 10 2003
ComputerGraphic World

    We've got another article talking about our work in this month's ComputerGraphic World.
    An highlight on the Amélia dance show from La La La Human Step talks about our work with Kaydara's software, Filmbox and MotionBuilder.
    The article can be found at this address.

May 14 2003
ComputerGraphic World

    We've got two articles talking about our work in this month's ComputerGraphic World.
    The last year MasterClass is shown within the Alias article, announcing the Maya Productivity Pack.
    Read the article.
    Our motion capture work and Yulsoft lip-sync tool Fatlips3D, are also specified in the "Kaena, the prophecy" article.
    Read the article or visit the official Kaena website.

May 12 2003
Siggraph 2003 MasterClass

    Visit the MasterClass Board to reserve your ticket for the Experience in pipelined productions presentation by Marc-André Guindon.

April 30 2003
Inter-Dec college

    Its funny to see how things goes in life.  More than five years ago, a picture was taken of Marc-André and Kim during an animation course.  Today while browsing, I found that picture and thought it deserved a good laugh, while being a little nostalgic.  Visit and go in the video game section under the digital imagery course.

April 7 2003
Siggraph 2003

    Realities and Alias will gather once again for the Siggraph 2003 for the annual Boot Camp on Maya.
    Marc-André Guindon will be a MasterClass teacher in company of the world elite in San Diego.

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